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Private Label

What sets Tidewater Coffee’s private label program apart is not only the exceptional quality and selection of our coffee, but our ability to customize the program around your exact needs. Our large selection of conventional, flavored, decaffeinated and organic coffees provides the unique opportunity for you to put together an assortment that you and your customers will respond to.


A private label program gives you the distinct advantage of furthering your brand and creating your niche within your market. Whether you are a new or established café, a grocery store, a company that sells coffee over the internet, or even a business looking to use a unique product in your marketing campaign or as a corporate gift, we will work with you to build the private label program you are striving for.

Five steps for a successful private label coffee program:


Step 1. Selecting your coffee(s).
Along with your tastes and interests, also consider your customer base when selecting your coffee. Are your customers open to unique and innovative coffees or are they more traditional and prefer a French Roast or a Breakfast Blend?

We recommend sampling a range of Tidewater Coffee’s coffee from light to medium roasts in order to find your right roast right taste.

Step 2. Designing an attractive label.
While we do not have a graphic design service in house, Tidewater Coffee continues to work with highly experienced food product designers. We will match you with a designer with guaranteed quality at very competitive rates available to us and our clients. When working with a provided designer we offer full support and consulting at no additional charge. We feel the best labels are ones that focus on representing the brand as well as catching the attention of the customer base.

Step 3. Choosing a printer.
As in every business, there is a huge range in quality and price when selecting a printing company to print your labels. Plate printing, which is more expensive than digital printing, still carries a better reputation for producing a higher quality product. Having said that, there have been many companies that we work with who have opted to have their labels printed digitally with great success. We would be happy to recommend a printing company to you that fits your budget and project.

Step 4. Choosing your packaging.
We offer you an assortment of valve bags that are available for 10, 12 and 16 oz sizes and in an assortment of colors. Also available are sample size silver foil pillow pack that are perfect for offering your customers a taste of your product or a token of your brand they can take home to enjoy.

Step 5. Selling your coffee.
We are here to help make your private label coffee program a success. If you need assistance with coffee descriptions, pricing, coffee knowledge, cross merchandising ideas or general marketing ideas let us know.

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