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Coffee Shop Training & Consultation

Are you starting your own restaurant, café or coffee shop and want to learn how to become a skilled coffee barista?  Tidewater Coffee’s training offers you concise answers and hands-on training at a guaranteed lowest price.

We provide both hands-on barista training using state-of-the-art NSF coffee equipment as well as coffee shop training or consultations by the hour; by phone or in person. Best of all, with over 60 years combined you will be trained and consulted by a knowledgeable professional at every turn.

Coffee Trainng

Tidewater Coffee’s Restaurant, Café and Coffee Shop Training program will help reduce and eliminate the anxiety related to opening your new endeavor.  We will help you tie up the loose ends prior to opening, and then assist you through your opening day.  Train you and your employees to prepare beverages properly, and to deliver good customer service.

Working closely with your key members, we will help you formulate a game plan for your first months of business to ensure that you get started correctly.

Equipment Selection

We will walk you through the steps of choosing the most reputable manufacturer of quality espresso equipment in the industry.  We have relationships in place to personally negotiate for you with the direct importers of espresso equipment, often saving you hundreds–if not thousands–of dollars on your equipment purchase. We will also guide you through the process of selecting manufacturers and models of foodservice equipment that are recognized for quality, dependability, and service.

The most effective way to stave off competition is to use the finest coffees and food products available. At Tidewater Coffee, we are on the cutting edge of what is new and hot in the specialty coffee industry.

Hourly and Custom Consultation

Whether you have a new or existing operation, retaining one of our consultants as an expert resource is perfect for when you are not sure or would just like an unbiased opinion.  Having a qualified consultant in your corner could prevent you from making costly or fatal mistakes.