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Hotel Coffee Packages

Tidewater Coffee Offers Hotel and Lodging Coffee Packages


tidewater_coffee_hotel_lodgingIn room coffees is one of the most preferred amenities of frequent travelers.  Tidewater Coffee provides customized in room amenity coffee service programs for the hotel, lodging and Bed & Breakfast industry. We offer traditional 4 cup coffee as well as single cup in room coffee service. Tidewater Coffe will create a Hotel & Lodging program for you that will redefine your hotels image and raise the standard of value of an overnight stay at your establishment.

Tidewater Coffee in room coffee services are committed to quality, service, and an in room coffee program that includes:

  • Quantity discount and cost control programs
  • Professional single cup and 4 cup in room coffee makers
  • Expansive selection of coffee blends
  • No minimum purchase guarantee
  • Ongoing customer support
  • A personal and extensive customer orientation program

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