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Convenience Stores (Gas)

Tidewater Coffee has developed over the years a tested and proven Convenience store coffee program that provides everything you need to create a profitable, fully-branded coffee experience. Each of our levels provides the right mix of product, merchandizing, and marketing support you need to succeed, based on coffee sales volume.


You can turn your convenience store into a destination coffee stop by serving exceptional Tidewater Coffee.

With over 140 coffees, we can help your offer the right mix to maximize your sales and profit. We’ll give you a customized product recommendation that includes:

  • Coffees to suit your region and competitive environment
  • A full-year program of Limited Edition Seasonal coffees
  • Ways to capture demand during every day part
  • Allied products to build on your coffee sales, including hot cappuccino, iced coffee, and loyalty programs.

Let Your Customers Know you Only Serve the Best
An attractive, well-branded coffee area is critical to optimizing coffee sales in the convenience store environment. Our point-of-sale materials and merchandizing guidelines will transform your coffee area into the hottest spot in your store!

Best in Class Service and Support
Our Hampton Roads coffee service team will make sure you have maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.

  • Dependable, high-quality equipment
  • Certified and Professionally Trained Service professionals
  • Knowledgeable dispatchers who often resolve issues over the phone
  • Customized preventive maintenance programs
  • Brewers, grinders and espresso machines for every application

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